Conflict and War

war and conflict- The Best of Africa

My world was small but full of happiness

Life was young and flattering like a butterfly

Waking up to the bells and sweet call to prayer

From school to home life was mobile and sound


Then came revolution where people stood up

Against forceful power asserted on us

The evil leader crushed the dissent

Now wherever eye stops there are ruins and remains


The sky is no longer blue but crimson and grey

In these dark days and nights no speck of light visible

Dawn is now hard to find and no moon to view twilight

Stars have permanently hidden away from this reign


Our home was sold by so called leaders of the land

What have they gained by trading their terrestrial for control?

They sold their faith in return for feeding deception

What was achieved bombs, drones and destruction

The earth has soaked abundant blood and concealed many bodies

Enough the search for peace has exhausted many


As we attempt to cross the Mediterranean

Leaving the past hidden in the subterranean

Seeing the disguised attitude of those nations

Who have been playing politics at our every situation?

Who have launched a dozen missile attacks?

Humanity watches when we are denied entry in their acreage

That’s when the cover of sincerity is removed


Why are we accused of mere desires of a new beginning?

What can be done when hearts have turned cold?

In this war of control no one has been spared

Yet the belief of seeing a new morning is there.

Featured image | motivational sunsets | thinboyfatter | flickr

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