Click, Click, Tick Tock (open your eyes)

Click, click, click! Don’t mind me I’m just taking a picture of your face for my memories, they’re all I’ll have left when the angel with the hardest job is sent to do his bidding. I’m not framing it, for your beauty shouldn’t have boundaries, I’m being selfish I know but my eyes brighten every time I get to see you smile in your sleep, your hair all over the place, when you wake up you’ll rush to make yourself feel beautiful again, maybe you’ll see your reflection in my eyes in the eyes of a little boy with your face, you’ll then see the beauty that I saw when I looked at you.

Tick! Tock! Tick! Tick… To.. whom does my time belong when it stops whenever I am around you? I have seen waterfalls form from flooded rivers of your tears. I have stood by, watching and learning, time will tick on, till your hair goes gold, formed from peace as we stand and look at our pride. Tick… Tock, the clock will go on long after I’m gone, all I’ll be is a wonderful memory, a bitter one to some but to you, anywhere together was always home. The clocks look at their hands move around only to be together at the beginning and the end of a day and to remind you we’re halfway there.

Close your eyes. Stop for a minute, listen to nothing but feel everything, listen to your own heart, listen to the flow as the words travel from your heart to your brain and out of your mouth, what do you feel? “Where are you from?” You ask. I’m from a time when we used songs to explain the words that remained on our lips cause over time they start to sound corny or cheesy and yet some aren’t playing mice, most playing dogs, loyal to the one person that makes not seeing them feel like an eternity alone when they’ve only been gone for a few hours. I come from a place where you listen to your heart first and brain second sometimes never, every minute spent together completing a chapter of an unknown piece of poetry written by moments etched in our memories forever.

Listen, tick, tock, tick, tock… “What do you want?” What do I want? That’s simple… I want everything, I want the sun to shine when it’s raining outside, I want to feel warm when it’s cold outside, I want winter to feel like spring, I want music to have meaning as the instrumental plays while I write lyrics to your favorite songs, to swim in the puddles of your tears for they may look shallow on the surface when the meaning is deeper, I want to introduce you to yourself through the eyes of one who chooses to sit on rooftops, day dreaming about a reality we created on our own, so I’ll hold my piece and believe one day you’ll see you were my everything cause I’m still convinced my future looks like you.

You can open your eyes now…

Featured image | clock|  Ghayed Alwassiah | flickr

The views and opinions expressed in this poem are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Best of Africa.

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