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Types of contributors

We welcome regular contributors who are willing to contribute at least once a month and guest contributors who can provide one off contributions. Regular contributors will have their bio featured on the contributor’s section of the website while guest contributors will have their name featured.

Topics and structure

We accept various forms of expression including but not limited to photograph’s, book or film reviews and interviews. You are free to pick a key issue of your choice. Topics covered to date include, gender, education and politics.

Written submissions should be 800 words or less, essays and longer reads are accepted and can be over 1200 words. Photographic submissions could be of a landmark, a group of people or anything that depicts the beauty of Africa and our world.

How to Make a Submission

  1. Send a Word attachment or photo attachment to or
  2. Written work should include a title which may be changed during editing. Photo submissions should be accompanied by a brief description of what is depicted in the picture and your social media user names so that we can attribute your work to you in our social media posts.
  3. If you wish to contribute regularly (at least once a month), send us a bio (100-150 words) written in the third person and a picture of yourself to be uploaded to the contributors page of the website.


Our platform is volunteer led, no one including the founder receives compensation. For regular blogging and editing, a commitment of at least 3-6 months is required. We kindly ask that volunteers meet these requirements or contribute on a guest basis. The key incentive we offer is a platform for individuals to publish their work. If you are a recent graduate or in education, this is a good opportunity for you to gain experience that will look good on your CV!

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