Brown the tone of the melaninated crown of glory, the shade of stories told of old and new; the hue of Heru, the distant one, protector of Kemet and enemy of Set. A shade of black which has professed in fact, that the Nubians of the Nile connect, to each corner of Gaia, the once united Alkebulan erect. This pigment of amber, this tinge of tan, adorning the face of the original woman and man, and child, the trinity we’ll find without religion for its guide. The saturation of terra-cotta, the wash of sepia, the coloration of the Etheric people, those of the spiritual body inhabiting the bodies of earth, well versed in astronomy, psychology, geography, mathematics and every foundation which has added to create nations. We are the creators of civilization, yet our seat on our throne was pillaged by the students, we let into our home without prudence. Oh you of henna Chroma, you cast of auburn, resume your place among those who assume their great, know yourself and awake, awake, awake.

Featured image: Young woman, Zleh Town, Liberia, 1968: John Atherton | flickr

Brown is from the authors Color Series – from his first book of poetry “Silence Conceiving Symphonies

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