Potlako Bogatsu

Amo Bogatsu is a poet who does both spoken word poetry and writes short poems. He believes that his strongest characteristic of poetry writing is the ability to narrate a story. Through poetry he intends to not only uplift dampened spirits and shine light on social issues but also to immortalize stories that he orates via poetry. He also uses his skill to shine light upon the social issues that he as a young Motsana experiences, being the voice of the silent and the silent voice of truth at the same time. He regularly attends poetry sessions in Gaborone, performs at youth church events and at various NGO events. His earliest memory of poetry writing was in 2008. But he never really took it seriously until junior school where he wrote frequently on anything and everything. His inspiration was birthed by the hunger to be part of something greater than himself. A voice of his generation in some way. A modern Shakespeare he presumes.
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