As the Sun Goes Down

As the sun goes down
and the earth turns brown
a sign of yet another dawn
my knee will bow down
and whisper a prayer to you in your throne
As the sun goes down
Another disaster, another calamity
In the village and at the city
No peace and harmony in the vicinity
Each day we plead with the supreme deity
and pray to him to take away the guilt
or ease the burden on our back


Athe sun goes down
A parent says bye and promises to return
sadly he goes to the land of no return
A lorry rolls down and spills its content
they rush to get some for their pockets
as they are forever on the run
sadly they don’t live to say ‘Shukran’
As the sun goes down
another burden on my back
drought, hunger, thirst and bad luck
Another gets shot on a muddy track
as they move about to acquire a snack
As the sun goes down
I hope and pray that the night will give me a break 

Featured image | I dream of going back… | Gopal Vijayaraghavan | flickr

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