Arise O Africa

arise o Africa

Arise O Africa and reclaim yourself

Arise for you lie destitute in fragments!

Arise ye sons of mother Africa – cradle of mankind

Arise at home and Diaspora

Come let us rebuild the motherland! O’ Africans

For here lies the memory of the dead,

The vision of the living

And the hope of the unborn,

Indelibly enshrined for eternity like the last rose of summer,

Arise O’ Africa and reclaim yourself

Arise for you lie destitute in dissection

For the Ancestors’ bones shall rise again

From the stump, a golden shoot towards the sun

True blood of our forefathers’ wits,

Come let us hoist a great nation, great Africans

A nation of a great people

A citizenry Proud of their past,

As well as in command of their providence,

A destiny beyond the reach of mortal eyes

Arise O’ Africa and reclaim yourself

Arise, for you lie insolvent in disunity

From the alien grips dislodge yourself

And restore the Diadem amongst the races of the earth

 And teach mankind that forgiveness is the lane of brotherhood

Arise O Africa and reclaim yourself

Rouse, for time now is our ally

Featured image | Brandi Ibrao | Unsplash

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