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The speech that President Nana Akufo-Addo of Ghana gave at a recent press conference being held in Ghana, between himself and French president Emmanuel Macron was monumental. He bravely stated that Africa must remove their dependency from Europe and utilize their resources to rebuild and uphold social and economic stability on the continent. 

It was a question asked by a local Ghanaian journalist to President Macron if France would strengthen its support for other African countries besides its former colonies that made president Addo respond the way that he did. He said that Africans can no longer continue to make policies for themselves based on whatever support that the West can give them. The message that president Addo expressed was that Africa’s best and brightest need to remain on the continent instead of going elsewhere because it is those young people that will be the catalyst for change that will help the African continent rise above third world status and live up to its potential of being a first world powerhouse.

This speech given by president Addo was popular among many young Africans across the continent, and hopefully many of them can take heed to the words of this great man and be influenced to build their respective countries. There are many challenges that Africans face such as political, social and economic issues that lead them to want to leave, but by working together it is very possible that great achievements can be made on the continent. Western presence has only been in Africa to pacify certain situations, but it has not left the people empowered enough to act for themselves because as problems arise, eyes are turned to the West to see how much aid can be offered for help. Now is the time for Africans to understand that they are great, and that they can be great at home as much as they are great abroad.

The speech made by president Addo could not have come at a better time as it is has caught the attention of many people within in the continent. The hope now is that some will take up the mantle and begin to move in the vision that president Addo and many Africans alike have in order to see the greatness of Africa come to fruition. Let Africa arise!

Featured image | Nana Akufo-Addo at European Development Days | wikimedia commons

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