Anyone can do anything

Anyone can do anything.
But only the truly
Creative can bring to life their imagination.
Daring to go beyond what meets the eye,
Even though it may be blinding.
Freestyling and not conforming to the limitations of human predictions.
Grasping the reality of their fantasies,
Hearing the voices that speak within.
Imitating no one,
Joyous in their quests,
Kept at ease by what makes them content,
Laughing at the wonders of their works, and always
Moving forward.
Never stopping, looking back
Only to see how far they have come.
Producing the best
Quality of their work.
Resolved never to
Stop until the
Time of
Unveiling the beauty of their creation arrives.
Very focused, never losing their
Way, being the
X-factor, remaining patient, never
Yielding under the pressure of the weight they carry. Always
Zealous even when the way is dark.

*** Note from the editor: this is an edited poem, originally written  by  Kaseba Lubambo for her blog Paperscript Reflection**

Featured image– Motto | one day review | flickr 

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Best of Africa.

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