African I am

Black and tall I stand

Africa my beginning

Africa my end

Not only because I was born in Africa

But because my heart beats for Africa

Africa my pride, your pride our pride

I’m so proud to be an African

For the red colour my blood is red

Oh mother Africa

Who am I without you?

When I shed tears of sadness

You wipe them away and give me strength

Oh Africa my dignity and my ever joy

Praised in your beauty and peace

For hands are joined in prayers


For the blue colour

Only the blue skies above takes my breath away

For it makes me hope for my tomorrow

Our future is like a sun so bright

For you have taught us the meaning of life

For you have taught us the meaning of community and humankind

Your gentleness satisfies my spirit

And united we are because of you Africa

When horns and African drums beats

My heart beat joins in, while my blood pulses to the rhythm

When the beauty of Africa brightened by the sun

And the sound of river water flowing

I bow down to drink in its rainbow

And become the rainbow nation of nature


Oh my Africa, your Africa our Africa

For the green colour

You’re renewal, nature and energy

You’re associated with the meaning of growth, harmony,

Freshness, safety, fertility, and environment

Proud you should be for we’re your pillar

The footprints of our mother city

Oh Africa my ever joy, my hero


Africa my pride

Africa my joy

Africa my beginning

Africa my dignity

Africa my end


Featured image- A beauty you don’t need to hide, Omo Valley Ethiopia : Thomas Maluck | flickr

The views and opinions expressed in this poem are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Best of Africa.

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