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We are a media social enterprise that promotes Afrocentric voices and talent through high quality content and services for, from and about Africa.

Founded by Zangose Tembo in December 2016 from a passion for story telling and social justice issues, we hope to demonstrate that the beauty of Africa lies in people and their ability to tell stories through their skills and talents.


Supporting upcoming talent: Majority of our content is contributing by young people who are hoping to get their talent recognised globally. We understand that especially for those in the arts, getting working noticed particularly in Africa can be difficult. We therefore find joy in being a small part of getting this work seen by the world.

Learning from others: We work with like minded individuals and organisations to create content and provide services to promote each others portfolio. We are hyper aware of the fact that Afrocentric media and key figures have spoke about and continue to work towards fighting for the need to take control of the African narrative by telling stories through African lenses. For that reason we are not the only ones who do what we do. Our caption on Instagram which as you say is yours is therefore purely coincidental. 

Shamelessly Afrocentric: By sharing Afrocentric voices and talents of those in Africa and beyond , each individual involved has a stake in the continents state of affairs.

Shattering prevailing narratives: We do not focus on problems but rather solutions and talents that go beyond prevailing western media narratives of poverty and conflict. Through our platform and network, we harness peoples talents and capabilities to demonstrate that the beauty and strength of Africa lies in its people and their ability to tell their own stories.


Apolitical: The African continent is rising and has rich and diverse cultures and people but an unmet need for non-biased commentary and analysis by and for Africans. We meet this need by presenting peoples ideas in an informed a-political manner.

Collaborative: We  work with like minded individuals and organisations to create content and provide services to promote each others portfolio. 

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