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We publish content on African issues, contributed by dedicated volunteers from diverse regions and backgrounds. We began with a focus on development and politics but have now ventured out to cover all issues related to Africa to encompass the continents rich history,  diverse people and cultures.

The African continent is rising and is a land of wealth, beauty and opportunity but has an unmet need for objective apolitical commentary and analysis on key issues from Africans and those interested in and passionate about the continent. To meet this need, our aim is to provide a platform for open discussion while increasing people’s awareness and interest in Africa and the rest of the world.

We recognise that the  world is interlinked and key issues precede borders. We therefore cover international affairs where relevant.

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Meet the Founder

The website was founded by Zangose Tembo out of a passionate for international affairs and development.

The Best of Africa Founder

Zangose Tembo


Zangose Tembo is the holder of a Master’s degree in International Development from the University of Warwick. Her interest in international development, human rights and social justice issues began while she took part in her secondary school’s literacy empowerment community service programme. This and her keen interest in politics and international affairs, has driven her to volunteer and work for NGOs in Zambia and the UK. This has included the Council for At-Risk Academics, Leicester City of Sanctuary, Cancer Research U.K, the Catholic Medical Mission Board and Population Council.

She is particularly interested in foreign policy, African politics, gender and migration issues and hopes to continue to serve those who are less advantaged through her work.

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