A minimalists approach to setting goals

*** Note from the editor: this is an edited article, originally written  by Lesley Abegunde for She Leads Africa***

Goal setting is paramount for individuals as it helps with re-branding and maintaining of  focus and order in life.

Sometimes due to bad habits and poor planning we fall short when it comes to achieving the goals we set for ourselves. So why do we let the negative kill our vibe? Why is it that we often fall short of the goals we set for ourselves? Why do we wonder how we are at the same place we were at years past, with the same poor habits and no sign of progress?

It is simple.

As human beings, we tend to over complicate and make vague the steps necessary to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves.

As there are loads of methods and perspectives for goal setting, this article gives you another strategy to set and look at your goals by making simple minimalist changes.

1. Embracing big picture ideas

Embracing that big light bulb idea will help you focus on specific goals. It is important to take the time to grasp what you want to achieve.

These ideas may range from securing a major deal in your niche, wanting a family or just being financially well off. It could be anything that tickles your fancy, just make sure you take note of it.

2.  Prioritisation

Once you are done listing your big ideas and dreams, noting the order of importance beginning with the most important to the least important is the next step.

Note: The goals found at the bottom of the list are still important but not as crucial as the ones found at the top. Now, success is around the corner because you have a real end goal that you wish to achieve that is not just wishful thinking.

3.  Create tangible steps

Now that your priorities have been set, you can start using this information to pinpoint steps that can help you to achieve your goals.

Remember, you need to take time out and think carefully for you to establish well thought out steps to achieving your goal.

Try to begin with the most basic achievement you can think of. Start simple and work your way from the ground up. Remember with previous steps, it is  important to note them down so you can always refer back to them. This phase helps with understanding the significance of creating a solid foundation that is easy to grasp and build upon.

4.  Decluttering

As a minimalists, steps or things that do not aid your success should be scratched out, with every ounce of intentionality and without looking back. This could be social events, ideas, obligations, people or items.

Now do not get me wrong, they may not be negative influences in general, but they may be distractive and you will not  be needing any distractions when it comes to pinpointing the goals and heights you want to attain.

5.  Reward system… or not

Creating a reward system is an innocent idea but perhaps unnecessary. For those that truly see value in the lifestyle they have opted for, they know that through their hard work and focus there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

They know the rewards and gains they have to look forward to by achieving their goals and so they embrace the simple idea that for every phase completed, they are a step closer to achieving their desired goals.

This goal setting strategy may be very tough on people and opting in for the reward system is not a bad idea but if you want to lead a simple life, scratch the reward system, let go of that chocolate and be bold.


Achieving your goals using the steps and systems embedded in this minimalist’s perspective to setting goals will create an easy path to follow and remember there is no rush or time limit. Just do not  invite procrastination to the party and we will be good.

Good luck!

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