A Luta Continua

A luta continua is the anthem of a brave warrior, ‘the struggle continues and victory is certain.’

Life is like a battlefield. We are always striving for something different, better, and more. In this pursuit, the challenges encountered are not only limitless, but permanent and inevitable. We ought to look at the challenging situations, not as obstacles, but as moulds of clay dough that we can fashion into anything we want. We can choose to not let these challenges define our potential and endurance, to help us take an introspect that will encourage us to build resilience, unity and community. Know this fact, the pearl that will be realised because of all the pushing and pressing, is worth having. Opportunities and success often don’t come to cowards or the faint at heart.

Often times we struggle in the battle and even lose the war because we fight for others. We fight for the one whose interests seemingly matter more, we fight for the one whose stakes seem solely invested in our victory, and I dare say, that is where we have it wrong. Don’t do it for others, you may not always match up to their expectations, and worse still you may only labour and leave no legacy. Fight because you know what the struggle is about, fight because you know what freedom must look like, and fight with your very best regalia and weaponry.

Africa has been fighting for so long, and we may have forgotten why we are fighting. We have lost focus of the reason we create and have become the continent that cannot even consume what she produces, but rather survives on the efforts of others. It sounds insulting but it will only be an insult when we prove it otherwise.

The one thing we will need to get us going, and sustain us in the battle is foresight of what victory could look like. Let us desire this above everything else, and even if we do not enjoy the promise of freedom we would have given our children this privilege.

Information is our first and greatest armour. We need to know the wealth and the resources we have for us to value, defend and utilise them in the best way possible. This continent is well endowed, there is no reason why our numerous resources cannot feed and satisfy us. We can fight a winning battle. Yes, the practicability of the impossible seems much closer than the ideology of a better Africa. We often feel we should leave things as they have been because change and growth is far-fetched. Hence we continue to wallow in misery, poverty and disease. Agriculture for instance is still heavily untapped. And It requires very little capital injection. Maybe we could argue that we do not have sufficient water resource in certain areas however there are drought resistant crops that can still strive even in those circumstances. We need to take accountability for all our resources.

Let us all get to the frontline and fight as a United Africa. Let us fight for a right to love, fight to echo our voices till they are heard, fight for health, food security and safety, fight for social welfare, for peace and for justice. Let us fight against corruption, brain drain, inequality and the endless ills that constantly cripple the slightest leap to progress. And as we pause to reflect, we ought to simultaneously straddle our running shoes and continue. The struggle eventually comes to an end and if we don’t faint it will be an end hoped for. But let us fight today, because If the battle prolongs the spoil will be too much to bear and recover.

We cannot continue to be a very rich continent whose people wallow to death in poverty. We cannot sit in lifeless hope. Let us live a legacy worthy of endearment for the generations birthed today and those still to come. Aluta Continua Africa, it is imperative that we create a narrative which we and the generations after us will be proud of.

Featured image- inheritance: Marco Bellucci | flickr

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