A Fable’s Aftermath

By the acacia trees I wait

and pray to see your face again.

I want to let you know

how much I care,

how much I think of you,

of us.

And it’s okay, it really is,

that life has shown its truth.

That “we” are just a dream

if only…

It’s okay.

Our minds are free to wander

through the meadows and savannas we created.

Our bodies cannot follow,

our lips may never touch,

our eyes may never lock,

our silence may not speak the way it did before…

Though in this plane, they do,

and how they do…

Am I obsessed?

I wouldn’t know

it doesn’t seem to matter anymore

I know what is

and what is not.

I choose to make this my escape –

a wonderland I may revisit as I please,

a happy place to put my heart at ease.

Why not?

A mother smiles

as she runs through memories of her child

An old man laughs

as he remembers

how relentlessly he sought the joys of youth.

So do I relive the past,

without regrets or sorrows.

There really is no need for pain

beyond acceptance.

These tears

are nothing more than proof

of change and growth.


Featured image | Acacia | timeflicks | Flickr

The views and opinions expressed in this poem are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Best of Africa.

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