climate change

Masked with beauty, a splendid sight to behold. As though it had been painted by one of the greatest artists. A place of tranquillity, placidity and peace, alas it is not what it appears to be, poisoned from within by a plague.

Life, so beautiful and unambiguous, in recent times has become so complex and advanced, ignoring the negative impact on a place called home by its inhabitants. No sign of remorse, only a grave being dug for the earth. The earth, a self-sufficient paradise, which provides its dependents with all their needs.

Pollution, wars, economies, corruption and so many others, slowly devouring the earth while technology pulls the strings and deceives mankind by giving them what they want and taking away what they truly need. Portraying a picture that progress and expansion is the key but it actually being the fungal that leads to the down fall of a glamorous and outstanding paradise known as the Earth.

Progress rising quickly with no sign of slowing down. Bulldozers such as factories slowly intoxicating the air we breathe, the water we drink. Technology the masterminds behind all this, has not succeeded in its goal of making life candid but has succeeded at accomplishing the direct opposite. It has caused more problems than actually solving them.

Featured image | combating global warming | Bradley Dilger | flickr

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