Man Made Skies

man made skies

It’s dark here, sometimes it’s cold, most times it’s hot a different kind of hell or maybe a simpler kind of heaven.

There are only screens here with strangers walking around looking down into manmade skies that shine like stars, looking at life and getting to know each other…or so they think.

It’s dark here, sometimes it’s cold, this place is home to some, I guess this is the place broken hearts go, simply because their hearts got comfortable being lonely, so alone is a path walked by many. I am comfortable here looking I think, I shouldn’t be, my heart wasn’t made to be alone. None of these hearts were made to be alone.

This isn’t home, we were just planted here to learn to grow, to dream, to see the light at the end of tunnel as a place where everything you prayed for is found once you’re done working on yourself and you see who stood by you through the pain, the ones that could see the difference between the rain and your tears because they are the ones that understand your fears. These are the ones that believe in you, your hearts play music only we can hear. Every single one playing a different sound, walking through a dream with paths made from pieces of broken dreams, while we look away from our manmade skies, there are no stars here, just moonlit skies, hearts healed with gold inlaid where the cracks once were. Hearts made from pieces of gold and beautiful memories, minds filled with dreams and here is the place we realised we were never meant to wear chains, we were never made to work for one another but made to work together.

Look up! That’s where the truth lies, it’s this place where love lies and you finally see the royalty in your bloodline.

We have stars in our eyes but we’re too busy looking down into man made skies.

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